Bringing Wellness to Your Workplace

We help companies of all sizes who are focused on employee health and wellness find solutions to increase productivity, lower health care costs and help employees excel in all facets of their lives. If you are looking to revamp or expand your current health and wellness programs, our new innovative Yoga Therapy program can provide the tools to help reduce stress and burnout, increase employee satisfaction and bring mindfulness, health and wellness into your daily work environment. 

Coaching •Healing •Inspiring

ATX Yoga Therapy will schedule an initial meeting and offer an assessment of your employee's daily routine and then thoughtfully customize a solution to enhance your employee's health and wellness. After each 3 or 6 month session, ATX Yoga Therapy will provide feedback regarding the effectiveness of the program, as well as detailed information on employee stress levels, perceived performance, and improved wellness. 

•ATX Yoga Therapy may also qualify as preventative healthcare with your insurance provider and/or can be deducted as a business expense.

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